Our Team

Community volunteers organizing TEDxRedondoBeach

TEDx licensee 

Janet Johnson, Friends of Redondo Beach Arts Past President


Christian Anthony Horvath, Principal/Creative Director, Champ Creative, LLC;
Redondo Beach City Council Member, District 3

Current Program Curators

Susan Anderson, Redondo Beach Library Director

Past Program Curators

Cie Gumicio, Artist

Sheryl Nakano, Owner,  Nakano Logistics

Craig Funabashi, President,  Property Professor, Inc

Janet Johnson, Friends of Redondo Beach Arts

Nina Laddon, Co-organizer and Program Curator; Redondo Beach Art Group Founder

Bibi Goldstein, Buying Time, LLC

Mark Goldstein,  Vice President – Curriculum, Center for Mathematics and Teaching

Christian Anthony Horvath, Principal/Creative Director, Champ Creative, LLC

John LaRock, Manager,  Cultural/Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

Susan Lapin, Community Volunteer

Jackie Earnhart, Website editor

Website, Social Media, Design and Technical Production

Christian Anthony Horvath, Champ Creative, LLC

Event registration

Bibi Goldstein, Buying Time, LLC


Susan Lapin, Community Volunteer


Ann DuPuy, Community Volunteer

Planning Committee